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Like most photographers, our real gift is simply being somewhere and taking pictures... LOTs of pictures! For me, that's spending many years exploring the many parks and natural areas around my home here in central Wisconsin.  I'd like to think my work is not just something that hangs on a wall or that gets a bunch of "likes" in social media, but that it also encourages folks to appreciate our natural world here in Wisconsin and beyond. Art is nothing if it doesn't inspire. My hope is that you not only find a photograph for your wall, but that you are inspired to see that location for yourself! - derrick


Large Prints

I take photographs with a variety of cameras with a variety of resolutions. This said, if you would like a very large print or canvas (anything hitting 30") please contact me personally at This way I can make sure the shoot you're looking at will still look fantastic in the size you want. 


Skillet Creek Media

Skillet Creek Media is just me. I've been working with small family owned businesses, artists, independent filmmakers, writers, studios, outfitters, athletes and more, to assist them with all that messy online stuff, while they get on with chasing their dreams.  SCM provide web development, hosting, social media support, commercial photography & graphic design services. 

Skillet Creek also advocates for conservation, the arts and a healthy eco-tourism based economy in our amazing part of world here in Baraboo, Wisconsin through social media and